Temporary Home

November 16, 2007

Hey y’all.

Am here, clogging up the free WP trails with my junk, as I’m still in the process of getting things straightened out with my regular host.  Couple things to note:

  • Sara and I are just getting over some evil stomach virus that plagued only the females in our home.  Best wash your hands after reading this.
  • D took off to Canada this morning, as his Dad went in for urgent quad-bypass surgery this morning.  Thankfully, my FIL came through with flying colors, is awake, responsive and, according to his doctors, doing spectacularly well.  D is scheduled to return home on Monday.
  • Due to the above, I’m on single parent duty for the longest stretch I’ve ever attempted, and I’ve discovered new found respect for ANY Moms or Dads who attempt this gig solo.  Seriously. 

Hopefully, we should be back, up and running tomorrow at the old place.  But also, I’m considering migrating the ol’ blog to WordPress from Movable Type.  Any geekazoid advice on that front would be greatly appreciated.

 Smooshes for now…